dinsdag 28 juni 2011

Sania Pell

Heel veel subtiele details in kleuren, dessins en vormen bij Sania Pell. Sania is ontwerper, stylist, auteur van het mooie boek Homemade Home en heeft ook nog een geweldige blog. Wat een superwoman!

Many subtle details in colors, patters and shapes with Sania Pell. Sania is designer, stylist, author of the beautiful book Homemade Home and also has a great blog. What a superwoman!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. ooo wat mooi!!! genieten...ookal is het echt bar slecht weer!

    Fijne avond!

  2. Beautiful collection of images! Very inspiring. I have that book on my amazon wish list...after seeing your post, I thinks it's a must. Thank you! And what a lucky gal you are, getting to go to Amsterdam and meet Holly. Wish I could have been there to meet both you lovely ladies.

  3. omg!!! your blog is fantastic!!! thanks for stopping by us...i follow you too now!!! Love those pictures

  4. I bought her book the other day, Iris. It is divine. I can't wait to learn how to sew and put it to good use on Planet Baby! J x

  5. Thank you so much for your sweet comments. And you chose some of my favourite images! Your blog is great, lovely posts! Sania x


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