donderdag 11 augustus 2011

B's room

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Å, så vakkert...
    Alle prinsesser sitt drømme rom :)
    Tror jeg har noen her hjemme, som hadde flyttet inn dit med en gang hi, hi.
    Klem May Helen

  2. Mooi Iris!! Bij foto's van je huis denk ik altijd; 'meer, meer, meer...' :-)

    Groetjes, Heidi

  3. Nice sweet room for the girl. Love it :)

  4. iris - that's it....u seriously need to come style my house - that room is just adorable & very elegant. u have such a beautiful, classic style - ruby's room currently looks like such a mess...(particularly as her two older cousins have been living in there for the last few weeks, on top of ruby's volume of things that she tells me we can't possibly throw away) - i am itching to get back in there & declutter all the mess. thanks for the inspiration. xxx

  5. Oh, Iris. Swooning in Hobart. Your taste is impeccable. And that dresser is to die for! J x


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