vrijdag 23 september 2011


Ik vind herfsttijlozen fascinerende bloemen; ze komen uit zonder dat ze water of voeding nodig hebben, bloeien in overvloed en gaan gekleed in subtiele paarstinten.

I think autumn crocuses are fascinating flowers; they start to blossom without any food or water, grow intensively and are dressed in subtile purple tones.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Gorgeous indeed! The muted tones are natural beauty I can't resist this time of year. =) Pretty pics, Iris.

  2. iris - your photos amaze me...both the flowers & pics r simply beautiful. xxx

  3. This is a revelation to me, Iris. Crocuses are so unfamiliar to me. I have never seen them before. Not sure if we grow them here or not. J x

  4. I am not sure this few days I cant leave comment at your blog, but now I can yay!

    Lovely flower arrangement Iris. I always inspired so much by you :). And I am fascinated with some flowers that I cant find here in Malaysia.


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